Sunday, February 1, 2009

Early Pregnancy and "Morning Sickness"

Some have it in the morning, or the midday or the evening. Others have it all day long. Why is it that women have this nauseousness that turns their world inside out when it should be the beginnings of joy for this new life inside?

I, too, have been sick, but having not thrown up except once with each girl (that's 3 times for 7 pregnancies UPDATED JUNE 2009: still only 3 times for 8 pregnancies), I think I may have an answer for you.

1. Eating a better diet will supply nutrients needed. You're newly pregnant body needs 75 to 100 grams of protein per day.

Not in cheese or milk only, or even steaks, but in even complex carbohydrates like beans. I personally cannot eat that much beef or even think of cooking that many meals when I feel nauseous. Here's a quick list of protein that you can use:

~Tuna Salad Sandwiches
~Tuna with a Salad

~There are about a zillion recipes and ideas online, I think I can skip here

~Topping for a baked potatoe

Peanut Butter
~Mixed with honey and oats as a frozen cookie

~Burritos (which have been on my mind lately)
~3 Bean Salad (or 5 or more varieties)

~Walnuts (high in protein and Omega-3 essential fatty acids)
~Brazil Nuts (high in essential selenium)

These are just a very few suggestions, since I'm drawing a blank.

2. Another missing nutrient is B6. It is essential in protein metabolism. If you do not supplement, it is highly unlikely that you getting enough from your foods.

Also, if you do not take a bioavailable iron suppliment, then you are risking problems up to and including convulsions.

Here are a few:
~Dried Apricots, Prunes and Raisins (listed in effective order)
~Organic Black Strap Molasses

Molasses is also high in B12, B6 and B1 as well as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. Very good for an expectant mother!

Doing these two things I've almost completely wiped out the "all day" sickness for me. It's not good genes or genetics or that I am something special, it's that I've done the research and have found the answer so I don't have to throw up or be nauseous during my first 2 trimesters. I also eat every 2 hours almost around the clock. Some days when I feel bad, I may have waited too long and gone 3 hours without eating, but I don't make that mistake often. I hate feeling nauseous or even worse throwing up! I HATE it!!

So, if you want to try not being sick, you can do these simple, simple things. Or you can rest in the fact that you're just pregnant like any woman and it's something you must "suffer" through, like labor pains-but that's for another article at another time!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cloth Diapers

Why I Use Cloth Diapers...the easy choice!

I have diapered children for the past 7 years, continuously. I used disposable diapers for my first 2 children & then right before my 3rd was born, switched to cloth.
Why? It IS less expensive...there isn’t that much to put up front if you consider that I spent as much on all my cloth as I spent for my first child’s first year of diapering!

I enjoy NEVER running out. What’s an extra load of laundry if you’re home anyway? No more asking hubby to run to the store & get more, as you try to figure a way to keep baby from leaking on everything.
I bought the Kissaluvs and later bought European tri-fold diapers. I love the infant/newborn Kissaluvs, I don’t have to worry about the explosions of poopies all over all his clothes, my clothes and blanket, bedding or car seat ever again!! I found that disposable diapers just do not hold anything...and I don’t believe in keeping baby or toddler from having enough liquids just so I don’t have to change a diaper.

Another reason: no more strange rashes from reactions to products in the disposables!

This is what I do:
Infant wears one Kissaluv (we call them snap diapers) & by 1 month of age he wears 2 at a time, with a cover.
Year old wears one Kissaluv (next size up) & one tri-fold diaper folded in three, with a cover.

Covers are the Bummis brand that have snaps.

Newborns that solely nurse, their “end results” are much like yogurt (sorry for the visual) and come out just fine in the wash.
Dump older children’s diaper before throwing into a bucket. No water, no cleaners: nothing.

When bucket is full (there is a rubber seal on the lid that keeps smells inside) throw in wash & add Baking Soda & wash in cold water.
*my bucket fills in 1-2 days
When finished with first wash, add your detergent (Era, Tide, Purex, whatever-we now use SoapNuts) and wash with hot water.

When through washing, take out covers to air dry & throw diapers and washcloth wipes in dryer to dry at hottest temperature.
You’re done...that’s it. Not a big deal at all!! By the time baby’s diaper is too much to handle & baby can walk, it’s time to potty train!

I always wanted to use diapers, but thought it was too much work and time! There are many more types of diapers on the market. All in ones (AIO) are even easier, but a bit more expensive. Take a look. It also saves hauling the extra trash to the curb. By the way...even if you only have one child, should you ever have ALREADY have the diapers!! This is my third year cloth diapering (wow, it seems so much longer!) and all 6 children have used the diapers.

I use wash cloths as wipes with just water. When going out, they fit in a plastic bag (or old wipes container) and I may add a drop or two of Tea Tree oil. Cheap & they wash with the diapers too. You could buy the cheap bundle of cloths in a specific color that they are not put in with the regular wash.

I still use Desitin for the rare rash and that’s it. I hope you enjoy cloth diapering as much or even more than I have!!

How I Avoided A Breech Birth

God made us women very observant of our bodies. All the little things we feel when we are pregnant help to make us know how things are going. Every doctor must ask the woman how things are and if there are any problems. It is our duty to pay attention & take care of not only our self but the next generation.

In the early hours of February 12, 2008, I woke with painful contractions as if in labor. I had 4 to 6 of them 5 minutes apart. I crawled out of bed to see if I could walk it off. The baby had the hiccoughs and I checked to see where they were. They are normally down low close to my pubic bone. They were above my belly button. The baby had turned completely breech. I came out of my room & informed my husband that baby had turned breech & went into a knee to chest position. As I stayed for about 5 minutes then walked a little and repeated 3 times, my husband laid his hand on my head prayed for us & told the baby to obey and turn correctly. I felt better, baby had hiccoughs equal to my belly button & I decided that since the contractions had stopped and baby was mostly head down that I would go to bed. I sleep on my left side when pregnant. By the morning, when he had the hiccoughs again (yup, for most of the pregnancy) he was completely head down. I thanked the Lord and praised Jesus for answering our prayers!

I read on one Diane’s blog her story of how she ended up having a cesarean because she slept or sat in a half reclining position. She said that she wished someone would have told her. I really appreciated her telling her story, because it kept me from doing the same. (I had just begun to sleep like this, as it was more comfortable.)

Since we are unassisted homebirthers, we don’t really want to have to deliver a breech. I don’t rely on someone else’s knowledge to guide what will happen. I have learned to do my homework & learn ALL I can so I can make informed decisions!

There is a webpage that explains a lot more regarding baby’s position for birth. Go to Spinningbabies for more information.

I hope this will help someone else!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taking Care of Your New Baby

There are so many things to do when baby is born; nurse, change, hug, burp, sing, rock. I’ve learned that not everyone’s way is the best way, and for all the suggestions, there are no goals that must be reached in taking care of your child. So, as with all information you receive from loved ones, please take this with a grain of salt.

I nurse on demand. I found that makes life easier, calmer and it makes baby happier. It’s not giving into baby’s will. It’s a natural mechanism that God put in the child to help mama remember to care for baby without having to look at a clock. Babies will naturally put themselves on a schedule. Mine would regulate after 2 weeks and nurse every 2 hours almost around the clock. I knew what time it was because baby was calling for me & didn’t need to look at the time. If it’s less time, for instance, after just an hour or an hour and a half, the baby is just growing. Life is beautiful when it is free of stress and after just having baby you need all the rest you can get!
Remember that baby’s mouth, or upper lip will have a green-grey-blue coloring when baby needs to burp...if you want the meal to stay down, burp your baby. You may need to after just nursing on one side & not even finishing.
Don’t forget: Nursing is free (just drink your water!), it’s always ready, it’s the right temperature and it has the best & home-made!

Hugs, Singing & Rocking
There is nothing more important than promoting a bond between mother and child. In newborns, it regulates body temperature, heart rate and breathing. My third-born had a bit of trouble breathing after birth, and just stroking his back and talking to him helped him to begin to breath regularly and calmly. Singing is also known to lift the spirits. Postpartum depression can be alleviated by just singing. I will address this in another article. Listening to baby and hearing him speak will also make it easier to care for him. The more I take the time to listen to what baby says when he’s hungry or poopy, the more I understand exactly what he’s saying & I can see in his eyes that he knows I’ve understood.

This may seem obvious, but not everyone understands the importance of changing baby. It not only gives another time to communicate with him, but keeps mama in the know of anything that might cause a rash. Using plain water on a small washcloth is not only the cheapest, but the healthiest way of keeping him clean. There are no chemicals that must be considered.

Using cloth diapers also keeps baby from rashes caused by bleaches and other chemicals in disposable diapers. I wanted easy when it came to cloth diapers...I don’t need any more work. You don’t even have to dump newborn diapers...they go right through the wash, no problems! That is if you are nursing. I’ve heard that formula-feed babies have stinky, yucky stuffs.

There are many debates out there. We co-sleep with, usually, our 2 youngest. I’m a light sleeper & hubby is ok with having babies in our bed. We do transfer the older to his own bed (it might be a crib mattress on the floor next to the wall) to get him used to sleeping without us. If you study the subject, co-sleeping is safer than cribs. As the “studies” came out that co-sleeping was bad, the rise in crib related deaths and accidents, as well as SIDS rose. If you are in another room, how can you care for a newborn?! Some are able to do this well and others do differently because it is a personal choice.
My 3 month old is sleeping through the night at just a couple of weeks with no effort or scheduling on my part!
I also will have baby sleep on his side or on my chest, NEVER on his back when newborn. Babies are still learning to swallow and breath, back sleeping is not even safe.

These are my basics of newborn care. This little gift from God is yours and you have the capacity to care for your child better than anyone else. Ask for suggestions or tips from others; chuck what you don’t like or need and keep the information that will make this thing called Motherhood joyous and memorable!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Preparations for an Unassisted Homebirth

This is my list of things I get ready, buy & clean before new baby comes.

Things to do everyday:
*Prepare and freeze meal ingredients for at least 1 week of food
*Make and freeze bread (2 batches-8 loaves)
*Catch up on laundry completely especially towels (nothing in the machines-everything hung and put in drawers)
*Keep up on dishes
*Refill containers (well stocked cupboard/pantry/t.p.)
*Keep up on Cleaning
-Bathroom/Shower (especially)
(Keeping in mind that I cannot get upset, frustrated or otherwise bothered by a messy house...that's not what's important, but keeping the joy of everyday will help me to heal & recover!)

Misc. Things to do:
*Bring up baby cradle
-wash cradle sheets
*Get out special things for other children
-music bag
-colored chalk & chalkboards
-any saved new toy/video
*Birth announcement makings

Labor & Delivery:
*cord clamps
*sanitary pads
*Raspberry Leaf & Nettle (and anything other regular herbs like Camomile & Spearmint if desired) Tea
*Camera batteries charged & card downloaded to computer
*Baby clothes
*Newborn and small Bummis (diaper covers) & small kissaluvs (cloth diapers)

This is the question I ask myself:

"If this is the last day I have to prepare, what do I need to get done?"

~Make a good meal to bless husband and fill children so they sleep WELL!!
~Keep up on daily tasks to ease what my husband needs to do to take over the house.
~Organize office, pay bills, file paperwork, etc.
~Make instruction sheets for easy reference of daily tasks:
*Children's Activities
*My Vitamin and Tea needs for fast and painless recovery
~Be ready early in the day so I can rest for the rest of the day :)

I am just starting to get excited about holding this new one...haven't had much time to think about it & now the baby's almost here!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Cornered Cat

I forget every time!!
1st trimester: excitement of having a new life inside me!
2nd trimester: waking up from the nausea and "brain fog"
3rd trimester: the cornered cat

I dunno what it is, but I end up enjoying my isolation! No, not self-pity.
Isolation: being far away from furtive eyes and uninvited opinions.
I say cornered cat because I seem to strike with claws first-ask questions of intent later. Though I don't mean to offend anyone, I know that I don't have to put up with being cornered with the why's and wherefore's of our life.
I get a bit upset at having to explain that we are a different couple, a different family, a different life with different morals and convictions. I tend to pray alot for others and learn to completely forgive at this time.

Having trusted others for information or support, and like any human, having that information hurt us more than help us, I like to just go to my corner and talk to the Lord more than anyone else (except my dh=my best friend!) I have no obligations to anyone else and trying to do as others suggest is not how God made me for my husband!

So, that's my outlook on the Cornered Cat. Ok, that's pretty much my outlook in all areas, but I'm a bit more opinionated when expecting & I just say it as it is.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birth Story's Comparisons

Child #/Weight/Length
*Date/Time Latent & Active *Transition/Pushing & Birth *Date/Time Delivery

*Afterbirth **Where Birth ***Attending

#1 - F 6 lbs 15 oz , 19 1/2"
*7.20.01 7:00 p.m. *???(pushed for 21 hours)??? *7.21.01 1:20 p.m

*transferred/surgery at 7p.m. **at home ***4 midwives
**"dry land" ***my husband

#2 - M 8 lbs, 20"
*11.7.02 approx. 2 p.m. *??? ??? *11.7.01 6:40 p.m.

*immediately after birth (5 mins.) **hospital ***CNM & 2-4 nurses
*I think midwife pulled it **"tub/water" ***my husband & #1

#3 - M 9 lbs 4 oz, 21"
*6.15.04 11:00 p.m. *20 mins. *6.16.04 1:05 a.m.

*20 mins. **at home ***my husband
**"dry land" ***#1 & #2 awake

#4 - F 8 lbs 2 oz, 20"
*9.9.05 10:20 p.m. *15 mins. *9.10.05 1:00 a.m.

*5 mins. **at home ***my husband
**pool/water" ***# 1 & #3 awake

#5 - F 8 lbs 3 oz, 20 1/2"
*10.25.06 3:20 a.m. *3-5 mins. *10.25.06 4:20 a.m.

*5-10 mins. **at home ***my husband
**"dry land" ***#1 (then all awake)

*My children DO NOT attend the birth. They are nearby and may be during actual delivery, but modesty is maintained!!

**When I have all birth stories posted, I will link for more information.

(~ I tried aligning, but it won't! :( )